In your words

We asked members 'what is LVRSNFRNDS?'

'LVRSNFRNDS is an exclusively inclusive social community that has a conversation-based approach to exploring and acknowledging relationships and how they fit into the world in which we live.'

'It’s a space to cultivate friendships around having hard conversations that you couldn’t have before.’

'It’s like having a super group of friends diverse and like-minded on call 24/7, you can ask them anything and have conversations that you couldn’t have anywhere else.'

'It’s a vetted community where members remain accountable to each other.'

'It's an environment that is built of inclusivity and dismantling oppressive behaviors.

'It's a safe space where members support each other.'

'It's a social network free from ads where your data are not sold.'

'The conversations are unique and better because you have different experiences in the room.’

'You'll get out of your comfort zone and be vulnerable to hear different points of view.’

'Collaborate, contribute, and connect those are the three C’s of LVRSNFRNDS.’

'It's a participatory community, a live experience, every member has their say and impacts how the community is being built.’

'It's a non manipulative low tech, social network. Here, looking at your screen you'll actually have a real human interaction. With LVRSNFRNDS, your screen time is not meant to watch ads or something debilitating, you’re on your screen to actually bond with others and self-develop.'