1 min read - last updated November 04, 2020

Here are the principles behind our mission:

Diversity & inclusive exclusivity

We see diversity as a strength, inclusion as the way to go and exclusivity as a necessary evil.

Members, not users

We are not in the business of eye balls, you're not a product, your fellow members neither.

A safe space to talk

We want to be the place you can have conversations you could not have with some of your friends.

Performance is not a thing

We are here to grow together and at our own individual pace, embracing who we are, quirks and all.

Sex positive but not sex focused

We connect people who get what's behind this key distinction.

What happens online, stays offline.

Whatever we do online, we do it to enhance our lives, in-person.

This is a living document, and subject to refinement and expansion in the future. Direct message us if you would like to help us improve it.