Become a caremate

3 min read - last updated Feb 22, 2021

🤷‍♀️ What's a caremate?

A caremate is a human touch point so new members can enter LVRSNFRNDS with someone to navigate the space(s) with.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to contact the new member ASAP and tell them you're here for them if they have any question. It's also very important for you to know what we do, so they can fully enjoy the experience.

Finally, it's nice to send them a kind message if you notice they have not engaged much and/or participated to any event 3 weeks after they have joined, to check-in.

Please note that being a caremate does not give you the right to adopt an expert posture or sharing personal opinions under the LVRSNFRNDS banner.

💪 How to become a caremate?

Just DM Samy here!

🤼‍♂️ How do you decide who I’ll be matched with?

We don't pair you, just comment the new member post in the Caremates feed and contact the new member ASAP.

💬 How do I start a conversation with a new member?

It’s definitely a little awkward at first--like a blind date, but we have a conversation template below (tweak it with your own vibe but please keep the important details). It might be easy to broach innocuous topics like where you’re both from or what you do for a living, but getting into the tough stuff can feel tricky. Don’t worry--you’re not the only one. At the very least, remember that you both are coming together due to shared experience, and both of you have entered into this because you want to talk about the topics we discuss at LVRSNFRNDS.


1. Hey {member's name}, welcome to LVRSNFRNDS, I am your caremate {caremate name}. I've been a member for {number of months} and {explain why you love it here}! I chose to be your caremate as {give an intent/reason based on their interests}. 2. Do you have any questions so far? Any question really. 3. Do you know how to get around here? On the left side, you can find different sections: events, groups (⚠️ you can only join NSFWers if you have participated to at least one event), the members playbook where you can find lots of handy stuff. 4. I am going to {event's name} on {date}, would you like to join too? Send them the event link so they can join in 1-click. 5. Do you know you can use an app? The app is called Mighty Networks and can be found on both iOS and Android stores.

📱 How will the new member and I communicate?

It's best if you remain on the app using the DM system, using other means of communications are tricky for privacy and liability matters. Don't worry sliding into their DMs as they will be informed we will pair them with someone from the community.

🧶 Can I share something specific I’d like to connect around?

Please do! Given that these are 1-on-1 pairings we can be a lot more particular with who we match with whom, and also understand that in a 1-on-1 convo, it might help to have a lot more in common with the member than around an event. If you’d like to be matched with someone who shares your relationship style or your identity (e.g. a brown folx who's more on the monogamous side of the spectrum), you can let us know! Though we can’t always guarantee that requests will be met, we try our hardest to do so.