🤷‍♀️ What's a caremate?

A caremate is a humble human touch point for new members to navigate our space feeling supported and welcome, knowing that they can reach out to a peer if they need to.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to contact the new member ASAP (ideally in their first 24 hours with us) and tell them you're here for them if they have any question.

💪 How to become a caremate?

Join the space here!

🤼‍♂️ How do you decide who I’ll be matched with?

We don't pair you automatically, if you're interested please comment the new member post in the caremates feed and direct message the new member ASAP.

Don't worry about sliding into DMs as they will be informed that they will be paired with someone from the community and will be aware that a caremate will DM them.

Email sent to new members once they're in

Subject: ⚓️ Welcome on board! Sender: Sophie | LVRSNFRNDS

Hello {name},

Welcome to LVRSNFRNDS! Now that you're in, a long-serving member, your own personal caremate, will direct message you to help you navigate our space feeling welcome. I hope you'll appreciate this personal touch.

As the founder of this unique community, the best tip I can give you is to join your first live conversation ASAP. About this, here are a few hints and tips to be more confident jumping in.

👂 We love listeners

Listening shows active support and care to others! This means that you are encouraged to attend any convos just out of curiosity. We want you to take part in convos you'd never access otherwise!

🎧 We strive to be life-proof

You can attend most of our conversations with your camera off. Pro tip: join us from your phone, use some good earphones and take us for a walk to the park or play us in your kitchen while you cook.

💬 We share in many ways

It's not only about speaking with us you can also use hand signs to convey many things if your camera is on. If you're more of a text person you can use the text-chat!

[JOIN A CONVERSATION] https://us.lvrsnfrnds.com/events


Proud founder member

🗑 Found this in your junk/spam inbox? Wish it doesn't happen again? 1/ Move this email to your inbox 2/ Add sophie@lvrsnfrnds.com to your address book or whitelist ✋ Got feedback? Love it! Email me, or book me for a 15-minute virtual coffee break.

💬 How do I start a conversation with a new member?

It’s definitely a little awkward at first — like a blind date, but we have a conversation template below (tweak it with your own vibe but please keep the important details).

Remember that both of you are coming together due to shared experiences, and both of you have entered into this because you want to talk about the topics we discuss at LVRSNFRNDS.


Hey {member's name}, welcome to LVRSNFRNDS, I am your caremate. I've been a member for {number of months} and {explain why you love it here}! Do you have any questions so far? Any question really. I'm here to help. I am going to the {event's name} on {date}, would you like to join too? You can RSVP in the Events section.

💪 Stuff you can particularly help us with

Based on observations and many 1:1 calls with new members, below are 3 specific points you can help us with as a caremate.

#1 - Having a profile with a pic and pronouns

#2 - Understanding the DM policy*

#3 - Feeling confident to attend an event**

* The idea behind our policy is that we want to nurture organic 1:1 connections that spark from group experiences. You can DM someone who has explicitely invited to do so. You can invite members to DM you: in a post, a comment or at a live gatherings with an emoji next to your name to share your DM mood. If someone is OK to be DMed at an event, you can DM them during the event or later on in the app.

** Most of the events are available camera off, which is great if you're shy or want to listen on the go. Also, we love listeners and encourae curiosity so you are encourage to attend any conversation.

🧭 Orientation

Orientation sessions are popping up in the Events section. They are 15-minute online events where new members or members who want a refresher are invited to chat with caremates or members happy to act as a caremate for the event. Folks are paired in breakout rooms for a 15 minute chat prompted by the following questions: "What brought you to LVRSNFRNDS? How are you finding it so far? What can I help you with?" As a caremate, you can attend these sessions whenever you feel like it.

❓ FAQs

What's the journey of a new member?

They sign up on the website and fill out a first form sharing info about their demographics and location to lock in their spot on the waitlist. They are asked to pass an entry test, for which they're given resources to check out, would they wish to. Days or week after they've passed the test, they receive an email inviting them to activate their membership in the next 48 hours. Once their membership activated, they receive an invitation to join the app. Once they join the app, they receive an email informing them of the caremates system. 24 hours later, they receive an email encouraging them to join a live conversation.

Can I share something specific I'd like to connect around?

If you think we can improve the new member posts with information that would help you decide to be paired or not, please let us know.

How many new members do a caremate have to take on?

As many as they wish, based on their capacity. If a new member has no caremate after 24 hours, Imane will jump in.

What to do if the new member doesn't reply?

Don't worry about this and let it go. We're sorry that this happens as it's not a nice feeling and we want you to feel good about your experience as a caremate.

What to do if the new member makes me feel uncomfortable?

Please let us know. We will thank you for helping us keep our space safe.

The new member has interests I don't feel legit to speak about.

As a caremate, your mission is to make the new member feels welcome and knows that they have someone to go to for everything related to their experience as a member. They don't expect you to be an expert on their interest, it's actually great if you're not as there are higher chances that they relate to you. Also, you can always encourage them to ask their questions on the feed or on a live conversation.

If we’ve introduced someone to the community, should we be their caremate?

Why not! We recommend to ask the new member what's their preference.

This is a living document last updated on May 26, 2021, subject to refinement and expansion in the future. Direct message us if you would like to help us improve it.