Community Guidelines

Last updated February 14, 2022

LVRSNFRNDS is not your usual community. It is intentionally designed to be safe and foster authentic connection.

We're building a safe space you can access from anywhere to feel a sense of belonging, grow as a human being, and positively impact the world.

We've written these guidelines with our members to describe what we welcome and where we place our boundaries, for now.

✊ What we stand for

We are curious. We are loving. We are unconventional. And this is how we aspire to live curiously ever after...

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ We are diverse & inclusively exclusive
πŸ’— We relate organically
πŸ‘ We think consent is tricky but sexy
πŸ‘‹ We strive for authenticity
πŸ’§ We welcome fluidity
✨ We share because we care
πŸ’¬ We believe that language matters
πŸ› We embrace weirdness
🀫 We respect privacy
πŸ“£ We own this

The LVRSNFRNDS team always prioritizes people safety over all else. We are working relentlessly to hold a welcoming, safe space that allows stress-free enriching conversations. For this to happen, we need members and visitors to also take it upon themselves to speak up about anything they find uncomfortable, harmful, or threatening to the safety of the community. If anything happens that leaves you feeling uncomfortable, uneasy, or distressed β€” no matter how minor you perceive it to be, please speak up. Read below for more details.

πŸ™… Where we draw the line

As different acts of transgression demand different outcomes and levels of accountability. We set in place two different levels of transgressions ordered in an ascending scale according to their severity and how much tolerance we can afford to it happening within our community.

Level 1 transgressions

  • Making one-time comments during live conversations, in DMs, or on the feed that can be perceived as uncomfortable to other people (e.g. statements that are considered racist, sexism, ageist, homophobic, etc.).
  • Sending an unsolicited direct message that doesn't include any explicit or suggestive content and doesn't causes the recipient distress or discomfort.
  • Advertising personal business, other products and services, or promo-codes that haven't been approved by the team.
  • Sharing false information, without an intention to incite hate on individuals or groups.
  • Contacting members and visitors for commercial purposes without their consent.
  • Unintentionally violating intellectual property.

Level 2 transgressions

Hateful and discriminatory behaviour
Harassment or bullying
Sexual harassment
Reported abusive behavior

πŸ“’ How we keep LVRSNFRNDS safe

Here are a few steps to take if you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable on LVRSNFRNDS.

Remember one important thing

We know how hard it is to speak up and we thank you for doing so. Whatever you are contacting us about, you are doing an act of care towards our community and we thank you. There are no light transgression, your speaking up may reveal a pattern of abuse.

Contact the LVRSNFRNDS team

You can report any conduct that does not align with our Community Guidelines or that you think should not happen at LVRSNFRNDS (always happy to update this document) to the LVRSNFRNDS team with this form.

Step 1/ You will be asked whether you want your report to the team to be anonymous or not. If you choose to keep your identity known, you will be asked to provide your name and email.

β†’ In the second option, your identity will still be kept secret to the person you're speaking up about.

Step 2/ You will be asked how you want the team to deal with the report, there are three options:

  • I want you to know that this happened for the record.
  • I want the person to know that this is not OK.
  • I want the team to discuss revoking this person's membership or access.

Step 3/ You will be asked to provide the details of the action(s) perceived to infringe upon our Community Guidelines (with examples if existing) and, if they're a member, their profile link.

The LVRSNFRNDS team acknowledges and reviews your report to categorize it. The way it is being dealt with depends on the level of the transgression.

In the case of a level 1 transgression

Based on how you want the team to deal with the situation and the history of the person you're reporting, the LVRSNFRNDS team can:

  • retain the information,
  • contact the person whose behaviour has been reported with a warning,
  • revoke the membership or access of the person whose behaviour has been reported if they have already been reported for a level 1 transgression of any category.

In the case of a level 2 transgression

We are determined to break out from toxic cultures and have a zero-tolerance policy for any of the actions stated above. The person whose behaviour has been reported may be contacted about their membership or access being immediately revoked. The person who reported retains the right to remain anonymous. If dissatisfied with the decision to suspend the membership or access, an appeal can be made and a committee of independent members will be formed to deal with it at a collective level.

If your behaviour has been reported

  • Your membership or access may be suspended while we contact you to resolve the situation with or without notice.
  • Suspension may limit your ability to access LVRSNFRNDS.
  • Suspension may be either temporary or indefinite.

This is a living document subject to refinement and expansion in the future. Direct message us or email imane@lvrsnfrnds.com if you would like to help us improve it.