We're hiring!

LVRSNFRNDS is a private and paid social network for curious loving unconventional folks. Our members connect at conversation-focused events centering intimacy & relationships.

We are looking to develop our member base with a specific focus on London, Berlin and NYC as well as keeping our existing members happy.

All the roles below are freelance and part-time. You will be joining a team of 2 and a company offering plenty of space for rapid professional development.

Join us to transform the experience of questioning and exploring relationships from a lonely one into one imbued by community support, personal development and constructive social impact.

Community Manager

Help us take care of the day to day!

Community Growth Manager London

Help us reach our first 1000 members in London!

Community Growth Manager Berlin

Help us reach our first 1000 members in Berlin!

Community Growth Manager NYC

Help us reach our first 1000 members in NYC!

Instagram Marketing Specialist

Help us reach 10k followers on Instagram!