Concerns raised & answers

I took into account concerns that were raised. If your concerns are not covered here, please DM me, I will update this document.

"How not to feel lost in the mass if all discussions are in the main feed?"

You can design your feed opting-in to certain topics and following sub-communities hosts and you can also look at a specific topic or search for a key word.

"How can you maintain privacy and safety?"

Your privacy and sense of safety is our concern as soon as you pass the LVRSNFRNDS door. No space within LVRSNFRNDS should be perceived as less safe than another. Closed spaces as we used them for groups (except NSFWers) were closed but accessible by anyone without a question so, in my opinion, not safer than the main feed.

"How not to expose a kink or a fantasy to all the membership?"

As long as you are comfortable with sharing explicit content, I encourage you to use trigger warnings. A cheat sheet on how to use trigger warnings is available in the members playbook. If you would like to share skin pics in a space that affirm all bodies, check out the NSFWers' space.

"How not to lose the feeling of belonging?"

I want to nurture your feeling of belonging to LVRSNFRNDS. I cannot encourage the fragmentation of our community at this or any other stages.

"How to maintain a space where we can have resources around a certain identity or interest?"

Our resource center is regularly updated with all types of resources shared in the feed and at live conversations. We use a system of tags that allows to search them around a certain identity or interest. Please reach out to us if you think we could do a better job.