Sub-communities are member-led, visible and open to all.

The list of sub-communities at LVRSNFRNDS and their respective leaders is now a featured post visible to all new and returning members, where they are invited to follow them to keep up to date with what's happening in the sub-communities.

Book Nerds - Grace

Daters - Laura

Guys - Jamie

NSFWers - Jack

Queens, Goddesses, Witches & Bitches - Amaia

Polyam Pickles - Ali

We have yet to find new leaders for the Kinksters and Polyam Pickles sub-communities. Ali will run the upcoming events for the Polyam Pickles. Please reach out if you're interested in becoming the leader for these sub-communities.

The Cheerleaders weekly event and the Cinéma Club are now events part of the regular program of LVRSNFRNDS and will be hosted in turn by members.

When posting content in the feed, leaders can choose to specify that their posts are specifically for their sub-community, writing "Calling all Book Nerds", "Hey Book Nerds", "Book Nerds!" etc. or keep them open to all with no mention.

When submitting an event, leaders can specify in the form that the audience needs to be specifically their sub-community. This will then be mentioned in the app with [*] in the event title and more in the description.

At time of writing, I think that some sub-communities within LVRSNFRNDS are missing in this list and I hope that members will come forward. When I came up with the idea of working on sub-communities at LVRSNFRNDS, an important reason was to gather a committee of representatives for this sub-communitees.

If you want to represent a sub-community at LVRSNFRNDS, you can start posting content and event for the sub-community you have in mind, if you and your fellow members like the experience, we can add you to the featured list. Not being featured in this list doesn't mean that the sub-community doesn't exist, we have sub-communities of non-binary folks, Queer folks, unsure about becoming parents folks, gamers, etc. Being in the list means that the sub-community leader is passionate about what the sub-community stands for and post content/events regularly to other members.