The feed is to share/keep up between synchronous interactions.

You can edit your feed up up to what you want to see:

  • clicking on "SHOWING" at the top of the feed to pick your option,
  • clicking on "SORTED BY" at the top of the feed to pick your option,
  • following sub-communities leaders,
  • following topics.

You'll see all posts with the most likes and comments from all topics but only all the posts from the topics you follow.

When posting in the feed, you are encouraged to set boundaries:

  • adding a topic (ask yourself "what is this about?"),
  • specifying who your content is for, if not for all members,
  • adding trigger warnings if applicable.

If you want specific members to answer your post, start your post with "Calling all ___" or "Hey ___" or any other form of mention of your audience to make it clear.

eg: "Calling all Black folks", "Hey Black folks", "Black folks!", etc.

If you think that your post can be triggering, start with a trigger warning (TW). More about TW here.

eg: in a post you can add a trigger warning as follows before writing:

"TW: abuse ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"