Topics encourage everyone to talk about everything.

The topics have been updated with the following requirements in mind:

1/ covering identities and interests in a way that doesn't put folks in boxes and encourages curiosity,

2/ allowing to intersect who we are (sub-communities) and what we talk about (topics) so that anyone can talk about anything.

How we avoid putting folks in boxes and encourage curiosity:

For instance, rather than featuring a topic Feminism or Womanhood and another topic Masculinity or Manhood, a topic Gender has been created to embrace a wider conversation.

The same approach is behind the choice to have a topic Relationships rather than Ethical Non-Monogamy, Monogamy, Polyamory, etc. Same for Sexuality, Race, etc.

The topic Sex Talk has been replaced by a topic Pleasure and a topic Sexual Health to encourage a pleasure-centric view far away from the penis-in-vagina narrative and at the same time emphasis the importance of sexual health.

This is the new list of topics:

Relationships -

Gender -

Queer -

Sexuality -

Mental Health -

Kink -

Race -

Appearance -

Disability -

Spirituality -

Pleasure -

Sexual Health -

Dating -

Parenting & Caregiving -

Family -


aClassifieds -

How we enable you to intersect who you are and what you talk about:

Using topics in combination with sub-communities allows to intersect those in interesting ways:

  • an event for Guys posted in the Mental Health topic,
  • a post for Polyam Folks posted in the Parenting & Caregiving topic,
  • an event for Queer Folks posted in the Race topic.

Members who are not part of the sub-communities see what conversations are happening and benefit from the information without actively taking part. They learn what is important for others and may be inspired to have conversations open to all members or another specific audience.