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Where do I fit in within the BDSM community?
How do I deal when feeling compared to my partner’s other partner(s)?
How do I talk about my secret sexual fantasies with my partner?
How do you manage being out in certain contexts but not others?
How do I cancel my membership I saw it in the faq but there was no instructions or link
A discussion where everyone speaks in their first language only! And we try to have a conversation on a topic, I don’t know what about, maybe our relationships, and we see what happens.
I don't seem to be able to sign in?
Let’s talk about religion and relationships
It is weird if a guy likes wearing lingerie?
Should you tell someone that you’re not attracted to their body? Or should you find a way to let them down easy without making them feel bad about something they might have little control over?
How to ethically ask for help
Help! I’ve got myself into a monogamous relationship as a poly person
How different attachment styles affect a relationship & how your own can influence how you perceive & react to things
Where have all the good men gone? Or - Beyond f*ckboys; finding emotional connection and commitment in the dating arena
Tell me what's toxic about you, I'll start!
Let's talk about the future of LVRSNFRNDS
How do you deal with jealousy?
Let talk about privilege, white, male, couples
What helps you heal and move on from a breakup when you have obsessive tendencies and can't stop thinking about your ex?
I found out my partner is on here but hasn’t mentioned it. Is it a place for hook ups
How can I fuck my friend without fucking it up?
How can I be more confident?
Can you help me overcome my lack of confidence?
How can I fuck my friend without fucking up our relationship? Sorry that's a lot of fuck.
Why was I not accepted?
who are you?
Sexual FOMO. What helps you deal with it? e.g.: There's always an imagined sex-party going on somewhere where people are having the time of their lives, and you're missing out. There's a fine line between hooking up with people because you desire it (feels healthy for me), or because you feel left out from all the wonderful sex everyone else surely must be having all the time (feels unhealthy for me). How do you avoid engaging in the unhealthy behaviour?
Cinema Club - Fifth Element
Why are men unwilling to date taller women?
How do you navigate ethical non-monogamy and sex-positivity when it conflicts with what is expected of you at work?
Did living an alternative lifestyle bring your sex drive back?
How do I deal with feeling compared to my partner’s other partner(s)/meta(s)?
How do I respectfully say no to meeting my meta?
How do you actually achieve self-love?
How can you learn to be happy about happy events again?
Ask me anything about race and dating with a BIPOC panel
Mental Health Check-In
What is love?
What is love?
What's luv?
I'd like to host a salon, please 🥰
My self-worth has been shattered by my acceptance of someone’s justified criticism. Is it possible to heal?
Mental Health Friday: How is your mental health this week?
Tips/how to navigate polyamory/ENM as a solo person for the first time.
Tips/how to navigating polyamory/ENM as a solo person for the first time
Has your gender, gender expression or sexuality been a barrier to living your life to the fullest?
I was not selected from the first interview I had over a year ago. Is it still okay to apply?
Would you enter into a romantic relationship with someone who was not willing to have sex with you? What you feel differently if they were sexually monogamous with their primary partner?
How can I find a man that doesn't just want to have sex with me?
Do you think pretty privilege is a thing?
Do you think Poly/ENM spaces are dominated by white people?
Where does sex begin and/or end? I would love to hear your thoughts
How can inroverts and extroverts support each other during events?
Tell me about your job, work life balance and finding meaningful work
Poetry Jam
What are your tips and tricks to embrace uncertainty?
How do you cope with losing a partner?
Have you ever safeworded during a scene in which you were domming or topping?
LVRSNFRNDS is a wonderful community, however it's beginning to feel a little stifling to me. The salons and events are fun to attend, but they're generally quite formal and not a good place for casual interaction. I'm increasingly struggling to justify paying the membership fee because I don't feel like I can easily interact with members or make new connections. What makes LVRSNFRNDS special is its curated and moderated spaces, but without a way to allow members to chat to one another, I don't feel like it's living up to its full potential. Are there any measures the mods can take to open things up a bit and allow people to interact more spontaneously and organically? Thanks!
What terms in relationships and intimacy would you like to replace, and what would you suggest instead? For example, I wish the phrase "losing your virginity" would go away (because you don't lose anything) and be replaced by "being granted your loverhood".
I’m still in the middle of this transition and find it very tricky to navigate. Triggers and feelings of unworthiness are the main issues. Does it ring the bell to you? – What are the best practices and your stories that you wouldn’t mind sharing?
Is cinema club coming back? We miss our Thursday group hang!
How do you know if ethical non-monogamy or polyamoury are right for you?
How do you deal with accumulated and repressed anger?