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Where do I fit in within the BDSM community?
How do I deal when feeling compared to my partner’s other partner(s)?
How do I talk about my secret sexual fantasies with my partner?
How do you manage being out in certain contexts but not others?
Have you ever safeworded during a scene in which you were domming or topping?
LVRSNFRNDS is a wonderful community, however it's beginning to feel a little stifling to me. The salons and events are fun to attend, but they're generally quite formal and not a good place for casual interaction. I'm increasingly struggling to justify paying the membership fee because I don't feel like I can easily interact with members or make new connections. What makes LVRSNFRNDS special is its curated and moderated spaces, but without a way to allow members to chat to one another, I don't feel like it's living up to its full potential. Are there any measures the mods can take to open things up a bit and allow people to interact more spontaneously and organically? Thanks!
What terms in relationships and intimacy would you like to replace, and what would you suggest instead? For example, I wish the phrase "losing your virginity" would go away (because you don't lose anything) and be replaced by "being granted your loverhood".
I’m still in the middle of this transition and find it very tricky to navigate. Triggers and feelings of unworthiness are the main issues. Does it ring the bell to you? – What are the best practices and your stories that you wouldn’t mind sharing?
Is cinema club coming back? We miss our Thursday group hang!
How do you know if ethical non-monogamy or polyamoury are right for you?
How do you deal with accumulated and repressed anger?