the modern relationships talk

the modern relationships talk

👀 why this talk

is your community interested in figuring out how to live relationships in ways that match their authentic self and aspirations? they’ll love this inspirational talk where they’ll have the rare opportunity to learn about real-life experiences of alternative relationships.

expect us to bring along a set of inspiring guests and stories as we talk about many concepts from solo-polyamory to the relationship escalator, love languages and attachment styles. all this sprinkled with thought-provoking questions, insights and irresistible jokes from the host.

join to listen, ask questions, learn and leave inspired, ready to live your own relationships more authentically—unapologetically.

💬 more about the talk

there are your parents, your therapist, your favorite rom coms, your friends, so many occasions to talk about relationships. and yet... it sometimes feels like you're not getting what you want out of those conversations that feel a bit too prescriptive.

let’s celebrate the diversity of love and get some inspiration with this series of talks where Sophie interviews folks on their unique approach to relationships. cishet monogamous romantic love is great but have you ever thought about something different?

there’s Viviane who considers her friendships as highly as their romantic relationships. there’s Alex who doesn’t want to “settle down” and identifies as solo-polyamorous. there’s Zoe who hopes to build a nice throuple one day. and there are many more for you to discover.

🗒 specifics

expect a 90-minute talk with 3 guests.

intro 5’

introduction of talk principles and guests.

interviews 75’ (25’ each)

interview of each guest to develop their story line.

q&a session between guests and the audience on the specific topic.

outro 10’

final general q&a session with the audience.


👋🏼 about your host

Sophie Mona Pagès is the founder of online community lvrsnfrnds. her work is focused on fighting loneliness by empowering people and enabling better relationships. she’s currently working on campfire: a social app where conversations about relationships and sex are a fast track to friendship.

she’s regularly sollicited for expert comments on relationships and intersectionality. her words have been featured in publications like Cosmopolitan, Bustle and Women’s Health. last but not least: she’s hosted 100s of talks of all sizes on modern relationships and knows well how to make them a fun, relatable, and educational experience.