What is it

Zoom is one of the most used video meeting application. We use it for all our rendezvous except🍸 Happy Hour.

How we like it

Although it has a very corporate feel, it is the most advanced/reliable tool for our online gatherings! It allows us to have:

  • every members camera on if they wish
  • a live transcript of our conversations
  • a DM feature so participants can chat to each other

How it works

Zoom works on computers, tablets and phones. However, we highly encourage you to use a computer and the app: you will have a far more stable experience and we will thank you for this as the technical glitches you experience can have an impact on the group overall experience.

Pro tips

🎧 You can participate to almost all our rendezvous audio-only. If you wish to take part in the conversation, make sure you activate your video or use the chatbox if you wish not to be seen. 💻 To enjoy the tiled view, use a computer and go to the top right corner, click Gallery View. If you want to have up to 49 screens displayed on the same page by going to Preferences>Video. 👩‍⚕️ If you encounter a technical glitch, the solution that solves 80% of the problems is to restart your computer. 🔒 All rooms are locked by default. You'll have to enter a password to get in (sent in your booking reminder email). This is how we make sure we are in control of who’s allowed into the room. 💬 Have fun using the chat and reactions features to give valuable input during a conversation without interrupting the speaker. DM someone by switching the recipient to the person's name.